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JADS Lustrum stories: Emile Aarts about the JADS Brand Identity

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In this series of snapshots from the history of JADS, we feature personal stories and reminiscences of people who are in some way involved with the past, present and future of JADS. They share with us their surprising, interesting or funny recollections.

Emile Aarts, Professor of Computer Science and involved from JADS from the start, shares his story about the very beginning of the JADS Brand identity

“In the evening of Monday 21 December 2015, we, the Marienburg Steering Committee, got together in restaurant Puik in the Hinthamerstraat in Den Bosch to reflect on the progress that was made on the realization of our joint data science school initiative as we called it at that time.

Empty handed

Earlier that day, during a long afternoon session, we had been listening to a debriefing of the consultancy team that we had commissioned to present a proposal on the branding of the new initiative’s corporate identity, its name, and its house style. The meeting had not been very successful in the sense that the proposals suggested by the consultancy team all were rejected. At the end of the meeting we decided to dismiss the team, because of the lack of progress, leaving us empty handed on this important open issue.

Good company and great atmosphere

So, we arrived at the restaurant rather disappointed and demotivated, a state of mind that was even enhanced by the restaurant’s chef who accused us from being late, making it impossible for him to serve the original menu, which was a specialty of the house. We sat down in a slightly bad temper and started discussing what had happened that afternoon. As time went by, the spirit improved and the mood got better. This was not only due to the tasty food and delicious drinks, which undoubtedly contributed, but predominantly to good company and the great atmosphere in the group.

Jheronimus Bosch

At a certain point in time, we started discussing the enormous creativity of the local medieval artist Jheronimus Bosch, who had become world famous with his great works of art and who would be soon honored with the first overview exposition ever to be held in Den Bosch in the forthcoming year. Jheronimus inspired us to the extent that we unanimously agreed to base the corporate story of our data science initiative on the creativity and works of this great artist. The name Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, JADS for short, was born and ever since the JADS communication house style would follow the color setting of the famous painting known as “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, a style that we not only apply in the many communication channels that we use, but that can also be found back in the design of the Marienburg building were JADS is located.”

The JADS color palette, inspired by the colors Jheronimus Bosch used in his paintings.

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