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Recap of the JADS Community Event: Making Your Supply Chain Triple-R with Data & AI

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The successful JADS Community Event held on 28 March, 2024 at JADS Mariënburg brought together industry leaders, researchers, and professionals to explore the transformative potential of Data Science and AI in supply chain management. Under the theme of “Making Your Supply Chain Triple-R with Data & AI,” the event delved into strategies for creating Responsive, Resilient, and Robust supply chains in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.


The event kicked off with insightful keynotes:

Jos van Hillegersberg: Academic Director at JADS

In his engaging and humorous talk, Jos van Hillegersberg provided an overview of the history and definition of supply chain management. He emphasized the increasing disruptions in supply chains due to various factors such as accidents, strikes, climate change, and cyber-attacks. Van Hillegersberg introduced the concept of the Triple-R Supply Chain Model, emphasizing the importance of building resilience, robustness, and responsiveness into supply chain operations. He discussed how Data Science and AI technologies can enable a Triple-R Supply Chain, including technologies such as probabilistic databases, data sharing, multi-agent based simulations, federated learning, and AI-powered stress testing for supply chain security risks.

Maarten Hendriks: Head of Planning & Delivery Strategy at ASML

Maarten Hendriks shared insights into the application of AI within ASML’s supply chain. He highlighted the challenges posed by market swings in the semiconductor industry and the importance of innovation in driving success. Hendriks introduced ASML’s exploration of AI technologies in developing a prototype digital twin of the supply chain and utilizing deep reinforcement learning. The results of these explorations have been promising, paving the way for further refinement and integration of AI technologies into ASML’s supply chain operations.

Watch the recap video here:

Breakout Sessions

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions focusing on:

  1. RESTRETCH: REverse STREss Testing Supply Chains Led by Frank Verhoeven (Vos Logistics) and Rogier Brussee (JADS), this session introduced innovative modeling and data-driven methods for reverse stress testing supply chains, offering practical strategies to enhance supply chain resilience and mitigate risks.
  2. Fortifying Digital Supply Chains: Strategies for Data Driven Security and Resilience Led by Dennis van der Wiel (Tidal Control) and Dr. Abhishta Abhishta (University of Twente), this session discussed the importance of digitally securing supply chains and leveraging big data to predict organizational reactions to security threats, with real-world examples highlighting effective approaches to data collection and analysis.

Networking Opportunities

The event provided networking opportunities during the drinks, allowing attendees to connect with peers, but also with JADS researchers and students, fostering valuable connections and collaborations for the future.


The JADS Community Event served as a platform for industry professionals and academic experts to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices in leveraging Data Science and AI to revolutionize supply chain management. By focusing on the Triple-R Supply Chain Model and showcasing real-world applications and explorations of AI technologies, attendees gained actionable insights into building resilient and adaptive supply chains capable of navigating the complexities of today’s global business environment.

Stay tuned for future JADS Community Events, where we continue to explore innovations and trends in data-driven technologies and bring together the JADS Community. Want to know more about collaborating with JADS? Contact us via .

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