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Data Dates Podcast

In the Data Dates podcast, made by JADS, guests who work or study in the field of data science are interviewed about their vision on data science. During these compelling conversations, our guests open up about their personal experiences in the data science world: successes, failures, struggles, surprises and anecdotes.


Data Dates Episode 2: A conversation with Diederick Edel (ASML)
Data Dates Episode 1: the International Experience


The podcast is hosted by Fabian Kok, who works at JADS MKB Datalab and Noëlle Cicilia, PDEng trainee at JADS and owner of the Instagram account @accidentaldatascientist. Both are alumni of the Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship at JADS.

Podcast hosts Noelle Cicilia and Fabian Kok

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The JADS Data Dates podcast is available via PodBean. If you’re interested in studying at JADS, check out our Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship or contact one of our student ambassadors via questions@jads.nl

Episode 2: A conversation with Diederick Edel (ASML)

In this episode, we sit down with Diederick Edel, product manager of ASML’s innovation lab. He’s no stranger to JADS, due to the post-master’s (Professional Education) course he completed at JADS. It was another great conversation, from Diederick’s personal motivation and his work at ASML, to the collaboration with JADS and how students can add value within organizations.

Listen to episode 2 here:

Episode 1: The International Experience

In the first episode of Data Dates, Fabian and Noëlle talk to Yikang and Sophia, two international students following the master Data Science & Entrepreneurship at JADS. In this casual conversation, we go through topics ranging from their motivation to come to the Netherlands and JADS specifically, student housing, culture differences, and more.

Listen to the first episode here:

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