Danielle Sent

Dr. Danielle Sent

Associate Professor
Program Director Professional Education
  • Research profile: Research on data science to help improve health, health professionals and the health care sector.
  • Research expertise: Prediction models, Explainable AI, Decision Support Systems, Human-Aware AI, AI and ethics, HCI.


Danielle studied computer science with a major in medical informatics at University of Applied Science Utrecht.  She obtained her PhD also from Utrecht University. Her thesis details on creating test-selection strategies for the diagnosis of oesophageal cancer using Bayesian Networks. After doing postdoctoral research at Twente University, she was an assistant professor at Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam.
Nowadays, she is an associate professor at the Applied University of Utrecht and JADS. In her research she focusses on the creation and implementation of artificial intelligence based decision-support systems within the medical domain ranging from prevention, public health to hospital care.
She focusses on how to create trustworthy AI and on the interaction between humans and AI/Decision Support.

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JADS also participates in several (international) projects, which contribute to grand societal challenges like health, food security, smart transport and secure societies. Together with companies, government, NGO’s and other knowledge institutions, JADS works on solutions by using data.

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