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Watch our free inspiration session where our academic director will share some of the latest insights about required skills in transformative times. You will learn how you can play a key role in bringing your organization to the next level of data maturity.


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In just 60 minutes you will learn what data science can do for you, your career and of course the organization you work for.

  • Big Data, machine learning, AI: What are they?

  • Why do they have so much impact?

  • What does that mean for me, my career and my profession?

  • What new data roles (data scientist, digital lead, analytics translator) fit my profile?

  • What does it take to become successful in this area?

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Who is Jeroen de Mast

Jeroen is professor of statistics and data science at the University of Waterloo (Canada), Scientific Director at Holland Innovative, and lecturer at JADS.

Throughout his career, he has combined his academic positions with a career as a consultant and professional trainer in applied analytics and leading transformation processes. Jeroen is an original and scholarly thinker, and an inspirational speaker, with a talent for explaining the essence of matters with much clarity.


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