JADS Alumni Board

JADS Alumni board members

Agis Georgiou (Alumnus Master Program)

I graduated from the MDSE program in 2019. I am currently the Data Analytics lead @Prosperty, a proptech (property tech) company headquartered in Athens, Greece.

Jasper Lanters (Alumnus Master Program)

I graduated from JADS in 2021 and currently I'm doing some project based data jobs and learning more about biomechanics. During my studies I always enjoyed being involved in organizing events and participating in the colloquia organized by JADS. I think the Alumni Board is a great way to combine the two and together we will facilitate great data related events for alumni. Oh and in my spare time I spend a lot of time ultra running and climbing.

Frits de Raad (Alumnus Professional Education)

It was with great pleasure that I participated in the JADS Data Expert Program 2, class 2018. With this I supplemented my business administration experience with knowledge of the beautiful data science profession. Upon completion, I founded my own company Data-Counsel, which I now help my clients to get more value from their data and transform their organizations accordingly. In addition, I remained active at JADS as a coach for the new participants in the DEP program.

Sven van Egmond (Alumnus Professional Education)

Nice to meet you, if we haven't already. I am a former student of the Professional Education program. Currently working as Data Lead for DPG Media and generally skilled as an analytics translator. I have loved every minute at JADS and continue to enjoy contributing to the Alumni Program.

Lennart Damen (Alumnus EngD (formerly PDEng) Program)

Hi! I am Lennart, 25 years old, born in Groningen but raised in beautiful Brabant. In September 2020 I graduated from the EngD program. I still cherish the friends and memories JADS left me, happy to be part of the alumni community!

Ben Smits (Alumnus Master Porgram)

I am 25 years old. In 2020 I graduated from the Master program Data Science and Entrepreneurship at JADS. After graduating, I started looking for a job and discovered my passion for kitesurfing. I practiced a lot until I found a job at TNO. I started the traineeship there in February 2021. In addition to the traineeship, I am part of the JADS alumni committee and I organize the annual alumni event.

Naomi Moonen (Alumna Master Program)

I graduated from MSc Data Science & Entrepreneurship at JADS in 2020. I liked JADS so much that I decided to stay for another 4 years to do my PhD here in collaboration with CZ. As a PhD researcher I am researching digital disruption in health insurance and healthcare. When I'm not doing research, I love to play soccer, run or cook and bake for family and friends. I am really looking forward to organizing great and interesting events for all JADS alumni!

Niels van Gorsel (Alumnus Master Program)

Hi, nice to meet you! I graduated the MSc 'Data Science & Entrepreneurship' in 2020. Because of my passion for entrepreneurship I founded my own company, Strategy01, with a fellow student during my studies. We combine data science consultancy and create software solutions to constantly add value to organizations.
I loved my stay at JADS and therefore I like to keep an active connection by being a member of the Alumni group. If you would like to connect, I am always open for a cup of coffee!

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