MSc challenge based projects (DEiA)

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Work with our students in real-life cases from your organization, integrated in our education program. Discover new insights and interact with the data science talent which is educated at JADS.

One of the central parts of the Masters’ curriculum at JADS is “Data Entrepreneurship in Action” (DEiA). This course works with challenges and data sets of companies to which data engineering, analytics or entrepreneurship knowledge is applied. We offer your organization the opportunity to deliver a concrete data-driven challenge and a matching dataset that the students can use.

Data Science & Entrepreneurship

Get inspired and interact with groups of students

Within the DEiA course, students in multiple teams of 4-5 students work intensively for 6 months on a case of your organization. During the DEiA program, there is contact between students and your organization at various times, during which the progress of the project is discussed and new findings are shared. In this course, both students and your organization are challenged in a unique, positive way, which leads to concrete results and new insights.

For DEiA (a) dataset(s) must be provided by your organization within the specs of JADS. In the participation of a company a financial contribution is involved.


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