PowerBI Dashboard to monitor vacancies

PowerBI Dashboard to monitor vacancies

AcademicTransfer helps people who are looking for a research related career. This involved looking at the interest of academics in vacancies from universities in the Netherlands, which is a careful and time-consuming process. The MKB Datalab has created a PowerBI dashboard for this process, which is linked to Google Analytics and vacancy data. In this way AcademicTransfer can easily and clearly compare and share vacancies with the members.

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The Challenge

AcademicTransfer offers a wide range of vacancies with positions such as PhD, professor and further research. At the time of writing, there are 611 vacancies, some of which are comparable. Despite the similarities of the vacancies, the responses do differ in numbers. Which vacancy scores better than the other is made clear thanks to Google Analytics, just like information such as where the respondents come from and which comparable vacancy scores better at different universities.

This manual process of comparing information about vacancies is very time consuming. That is why AcademicTransfer started looking for a tool to unlock the data automatically. This way, members can benchmark vacancies with comparable vacancies or comparable organisations. For setting up a dashboard, the help of MKB Datalab was asked.

The result

What do you want to see reflected in it?” is often the first question that is asked when setting up a dashboard. This involves a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Finding a suitable tool was made easier because AcademicTransfer drew up a list at the beginning of the process with criteria that the dashboard had to meet. Based on this, we worked towards the final dashboard in the three steps below:

1. Creating an overview in available dashboarding tools

AcademicTranfer initially used Google Studio, but the possibilities within this program were limited. That is why the MKB Datalab has made an overview of the different Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and what the advantages and disadvantages are for AcademicTransfer to use them. From this analysis, Power BI turned out to be the best match.

2. Creating a dashboard with static data

Before the MKB Datalab looks at whether a dynamic link is possible, it is important that it is tested if a dashboard can be created with existing data. This data is currently collected in a PostgreSQL database. Data was exported for this and it was examined how the dashboard could be set up as desired. AcademicTransfer was closely involved in this process so that the process could run as quickly as possible.

3. Creating a dynamic link between PowerBI, Google Analytics and the vacancy data

AcademicTransfer saves a lot of time with the created dashboard and still uses it as a benchmarking tool.


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