Health Community

Duration 7 Months
Weekly workload 8 hours (class) + 8 hours (preparation)
Start date 21th of May 2021
Tuition fee 7,500 VAT exempt

Data Science for Health professionals

Are you working in Healthcare? Do you believe there is a lot more potential in data than we are using right now? Do you have the ambition to be a pionieer in unlocking data and information to support decision making processes? Please consider joining the Data Science and Health program at JADS. The program includes lectures on data science as well as specific lectures and challenges for people working in Healthcare.

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Impact with Data Science in your community?

In Healthcare every decision matters. With better access to, and use of, relevant data we will be able to accelerate our learning capacity. Within organisations, but also between organisations. Breaking silo’s and democratizing data for common purposes. Data science is one of the key ingredients to actually know what works for whom. As a pionieer in Data Science for Health you will explore new technologies, new possibilities and a new ecosystem of fellow pionieers.

What does JADS offer in the Health community

Next to the regular curriculum, in which data analytics, data engineering and data domain knowledge are being covered, several specifics for Health are included such as:

During the Execute part:

  •  A team challenge (5 weeks, part time) to solve a data challenge in the health community, guided by an experienced practitioner.
  • You will be able to take part in specific lectures suchs as ethics & trust, playfull intelligence, data standards and interoperability in healthcare, natural language processing, computational personalization.

During the Lead part:

  • You will be challenged to select your own Graduation Project, in your company or industry/community, and work together in a buddy team, with people with the same interest.
  • You will be coached by a practitioner from your own industry/community.
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What type of Health projects can you think of?

During the last 2 years, more than 50 Healthcare professionals took part in one of the Data Science for Professionals programs at JADS (20+ weeks). Graduation project topics included themes like:

  • Forecasting of stumbling incidents in hospitals based on notes in Electronic Patient Records.
  • Optimized matchmaking between patients and medical specialists.
  • Optimization of planning for operating theatres and hospital beds.
  • Forecasting of health issues which require hospital care.

What our particpants say

“To research and venture together on the topic: how health can benefit more from smart use of data”. The Data Science for Professionals program of JADS empowered us a lot to pioneer in data-driven healthcare”. –... Read more
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What our participants say

“For improving the quality of healthcare it is important to maximize the use of available data. During the Data Science for Professionals in Healthcare program, I learned from examples for practice, how data engineering with deep... Read more
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What our participants say

“The Data Science for Health program teached me a lot. Because of this program I consider more often to use data for making better decisions. Thanks to the program I was able to add several tools to my toolbox for... Read more
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Teaching in Covid times …

We’ve created a welcoming and warm online teaching environment, which we use as long as the covid situation prevents classroom teaching. Instructors and teaching technologies are adjusted to online teaching. We miss the friendly and inspirational atmosphere of our historic campus, but the teaching effectiveness of online course matches that of classroom teaching!

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