Application deadline Non-EER students 1 April, 2023
Application deadline EER students 1 July 2023
Application deadline Dutch students 1 August, 2023

Eligibility for the Master's program

The master’s program in Data Science in Business & Entrepreneurship is a multidisciplinary program to which students with a wide range of qualifications in science subjects can apply. All applications are individually assessed by the admissions committee. As a prospective candidate for the master’s program in Data Science in Business & Entrepreneurship, you should be prepared to embark on a multidisciplinary program for students of all sorts of different nationalities coming from different backgrounds and cultures. This page contains all the information you need about our admission requirements.

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Eligibility University

In order to be directly eligible to the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship, the curriculum of your relevant Bachelor’s program needs to meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 15 EC in mathematics and statistics, which include at least 5 EC
    in mathematics and 5 EC in statistics.

Courses in:

  • Databases
  • Algorithms
  • Programming (at least one language, preferably Python)
  • Machine Learning / Data Mining

Next to this you need to meet the English language requirement.

For those students who have sufficient knowledge of statistics and mathematics, but who are not immediately eligible for the master’s program itself, we offer a half-year pre-master’s program of 30 EC. The courses of the pre-master’s program Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship start in the first week of February. For more information, go to our pre-master page.

Check direct eligibility

Check the ‘doorstroommatrix’ to see if you are directly eligible to the program, or if you need to follow some additional courses first. If this is not the case, we will asses your eligibility for the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship on an individual basis. Go to:

Eligibility foreign students

Depending on the level on which your diploma is being evaluated, you will be processed either as a graduate from (i) research-oriented education or as (ii) a graduate of higher professional education. Please note that in some cases having a university diploma in your country, it might not be sufficient for having access to a university program in the Netherlands.  The curriculum of your Technical Bachelor program needs to meet the overall criteria for the Master’s program, as well as the language requirements.

Students are required to be proficient in spoken and written English. Applicants need to provide evidence of having achieved the required level by having one of the following qualifications: English language proficiency certificate

  1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test with a minimum score of 575 for the paper-based version, 232 for the computer version or 90 for the internet version and a minimum score of 22 for each section.
  2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test with an overall minimum score of 6.5 and no individual scores below 6.0 in the separate sections of the test.
  3. Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) with a minimum score A, B or C.
  4. Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).
  5. Cambridge Certificate of English: Business Higher (BCE).

You are exempt from an English test:

  • If you are a native English speaker, i.e. if you are a citizen of one of the following countries: Australia, Canada (with exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.
  • If you completed all your university education in English. This only applies to scholars from the following countries: Australia, Canada (with exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.
  • If you completed a 3-years Academic Bachelor’s program (of at least 180 ECTS credits) fully in English in an accredited Research University in the Netherlands.
  • If you completed a 1 or 2-years Academic Master’s program (of at least 60 or 120 ECTS credits respectively) fully in English in an accredited Research University in the Netherlands.
  • If you have passed an examination in a pre-university education (VWO) program and you have taken English as part of this examination.
study program

Eligibility for higher education

Students from AVANS and FONTYS ICT

Excellent students studying at AVANS and FONTYS ICT can be offered the opportunity to follow a minor program during their studies. For more information about the minor, you can contact the study advisor of your program at AVANS or FONTYS ICT. Please note that application for the minor program goes directly through your hbo institution.

Students holding a degree in HBO ICT or equivalent

If your HBO ICT program contains at least 15 ECTS in mathematics and statistics, which includes a minimum of 5 ECTS in mathematics and 5 ECTS in statistics, your English meets the language requirements and your average grade of the HBO ICT program is 7,5 or higher you are most likely to be eligible for a premaster at JADS.


JADS Master Data Science in Business & Entrepreneurship Tuition Fees 2022-2023

  • EU students € 2.209
  • Non-EU € 16.700

Bachelor-before-Master rule

If you are a final-year Bachelor’s student or Pre-Master student and, due to the corona measures, you are not sure if you can successfully complete your Bachelor’s or Pre-Master’s program and you want to know if you can start your Master (Bachelor-before-Master rule). Go to our FAQ page about this subject.

How to apply

The master’s and pre-master’s Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship are a joint effort of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Tilburg University. The application and admission procedure is done exclusively via Tilburg University. You can find the complete step-by-step procedure on their website. Once you have completed your enrollment at Tilburg University, you will automatically be enrolled at TU/e and you will have access to the facilities of all three campuses in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg.

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