EngD Admission requirements

We're looking for candidates who are good at solving problems, enjoy working in teams, and are eager to learn. Strong technical skills are a must. If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn more about the admission requirements

You should possess a master’s degree (MSc) in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or a relevant field such as Econometrics or Bioinformatics. Your degree must be from a recognized institution comparable to Eindhoven University of Technology or Tilburg University. 


Academic Degree

Candidates possess an academic master degree (MSc) in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or in a relevant application field of Data Science such as Econometrics and Bio-informatics. The MSc-degree is from an accredited institution comparable to the Eindhoven University of Technology or Tilburg University.

Technical Admission requirements

  • Mathematics & StatisticsCompleted at least two semesters of mathematics and statistics coursework for Mathematics & Statistics. Your courses should demonstrate proficiency expected of advanced mathematics, statistics, or econometrics graduates. 
  • Computer ScienceCompleted at least two semesters of computer science coursework for Computer Science. This includes programming, algorithms & data structures, databases, and data mining/machine learning. Additional courses in object-oriented programming and web development are recommended. Your coursework should show solid knowledge and experience in computer science concepts relevant to Data Science. 
  • Data Science – Practical experience applying Data Science technology to real-world problems for Data Science. This can come from projects completed during your education or from working experience afterward. 


Motivation and eagerness

We’re looking for candidates who are motivated and eager to develop skills such as:

  • Integrating generalist and expert thinking in different data areas.
  • Finding value in data and identifying opportunities.
  • Solving complex problems in data-driven environments.
  • Understanding entrepreneurship, business, and industrial processes.
  • Managing projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Learning independently.

Your profile as a candidate

As a candidate, we look for the following qualities in you:

  • Technical expertise: You should aspire to become an expert in one or more data domains while maintaining a generalist mindset.
  • Curiosity: You should have a strong desire to explore, distill, and formulate problems into clear concepts and hypotheses for testing.
  • Creativity: You should possess the ability to approach problems from various perspectives and innovate novel solutions.
  • Communication skills: You should be adept at effectively communicating with all stakeholders throughout every aspect of a data science project, from requirement elicitation to presenting developed solutions.
  • Social skills: You should demonstrate a willingness to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds to tackle challenging problems.


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