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Alumni "Back to campus" workplaces

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Date 10 Jun 2022
Time 08:30 to 17:00
Location The "Refter" at JADS Campus
Alumni back to campus

Alumni back to campus

We are extremely happy to be back on campus and would like to share this feeling with you. A number of alumni have indicated that they would like to meet and discuss their (work) projects with each other more often. Therefore we have decided to make workplaces available at JADS for alumni to work regularly. After all, we are all used to working from home by now so why not work at JADS?

We would like to invite our alumni “Back to Campus”. The “Refter” (downstairs next to the Atrium) will be open all day for you and your former classmates to work in. At 16:00h we will end the day with drinks! Registration is not necessary!

More information about our JADS Alumni Community.

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Alumni Talk

At 15.30, master alumnus Koen de Raad will take the stage to talk about his startup

About Koen de Raad

“My name is Koen de Raad, I’m an alumnus of JADS and currently working at Eyedle, a computer vision startup that was founded in 2021 by me and three others. I have a background in software engineering (BSc @ TU/e) and have completed my masters in Data Science and Entrepreneurship at JADS in 2020. For my thesis at JADS I’ve worked on improving tissue segmentation in MRI and CT images using deep learning (finding bones, fat, tumors) at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. The learnings from working on my thesis and subsequent paper, I still use today at Eyedle. With Eyedle we are developing real-time computer vision pipelines that are mainly developed for two domains: sports and manufacturing. Eyedle is currently implementing an automated camera system to record field hockey matches for top hockey leagues. By using data science to detect players, balls and game events we are able to capture footage at broadcast quality. This is not only limited to field hockey, we’re also actively developing for sports like korfball, soccer and tennis at the moment. In the domain of manufacturing we are actively developing a system that is able to detect and accurately estimate positions of high mix objects. During my talk I will be zooming in on the development of our automated camera system for field hockey.”

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