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MKB Datalab Data Driven Workshop

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Date 1 Mar 2021
Time 09:30 to 14:30
Location Online

MKB Datalab Data Driven Business Workshop

The JADS MKB Datalab gives you the opportunity to explore what data science could mean for your SME company. In the Data Driven Workshop, you will work together with Data Science students from JADS towards a concrete first step to start working in a more data-driven way.

This 5-hour workshop consists of 2 parts. Under the guidance of Daan Kolkman, Maaike Blok, Matthijs Bookelmann and Ruud Sneep, companies work towards the answers to these questions for their own organization. During the workshop, the participating companies will be linked to students of the Data Science course of JADS to spar with.

The workshop will take place in Dutch

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