JADS x Libéma Open 2023

JADS x Libéma Open

The next level of sport experience

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) is partnering with the Libéma Open tennis tournament, one of the most prestigious tennis events in the Netherlands. The partnership with Libéma Open enables JADS to take the visitors’ tennis experience to the next level with data science.

In the JADS x Libéma recommender web app, you can indicate your preferences regarding playing style and other characteristics of players. The system helps you find players who match your preferences in terms of playing style. For example: which other players are there who play like Venus Williams? The app can also provide a personalized daily schedule indicating which players you should definitely go and watch. It is even possible to register as a group, then the system takes into account the preferences of all visitors in the group.

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