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The power of the JADS community

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JADS ambition goes beyond being an academic leader in the field of data science. Our aim is to play a key role in building a new ecosystem and accelerate the data-driven economy in the Netherlands. We do this by connecting data science and entrepreneurship in many ways. From educating students and professionals to organizing events, to accelerating data-driven start-ups.

JADS has a close-knit community of students, professionals, researchers and academics who do cool stuff that matters with data. This community is what defines JADS, and it is built by people who all share a passion for data science and a heart for JADS. Here you find the personal accounts of many of these people, and the disciplines that they represent.


"DPD is a proud partner of JADS and is working every day to become better, greener, and more data driven. DPD is Europe’s largest crossborder parcel network where data is key."

Koen de Raad - Master alumnus and founder of Eyedle

"During my time at JADS, I started a company, made new friends, found business partners, and created an invaluable network of like-minded people that will last a lifetime. All whilst learning to harness the power of data science."

Naomi Moonen - master alumna and PhD student

"As PhD candidates, we are only a small part of the entire JADS community. But we want to make this part count! That’s why we initiated a PhD Board organizing fun drinks and educational events that support our research."

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“We are an association that focusses on improving social cohesion, career orientation and education for JADS students. For the past 5 years, JADS has been hosting the Data Science student community for the Data Science in Business & Entrepreneurship students. Together, we are able to organize social activities, such as an introduction week for the new Master’s students and weekly drinks, which creates a close community in Den Bosch.”


Data Science Days

"We are very grateful to the JADS community for the collaboration for our events! Without the foundation laid by JADS and the efforts still being put in, our events would not be what they are today. On to many more successes!"

Diederick Edel - PE alumnus and Product Owner at ASML

"JADS is a top-tier academic partner for ASML, offering the right mix of scientific and business
knowledge in their programs. A mixture of interns, Engineering Doctorates and knowledge sharing sessions offer ASML access to talent and the latest academic knowledge!"

Frederique van Leeuwen - PhD researcher

"Starting as one of the first PhD researchers at JADS, I’ve witnessed it grow from one corner of the building to an entire campus. No matter the size, there was always room for new initiatives, such as the Ladies of Data event, which was held in our beautiful chapel."

Quantile – startup

“JADS is an excellent university that combines both data science and entrepreneurship. While doing our studies, we had assignments that focused on real-life consultancy problems. This was the start of our own data science and engineering company Quantile.”

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