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At JADS, we have the best-rated data science Master’s program in the Netherlands, according to the 2022 National Student Survey, with the best connection to the labor market. This is not accidental, of course. Let’s look at how we made our Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship Master’s program great.

The best way to learn to create value is to do it

“The heart of the program is challenge-based learning,” says Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Program Director of the JADS master DSBE. “72 of the 120 credits in the Master’s program involve using your skills to generate real value, including the Master’s thesis. Our courses are taught by lecturers with research or industry experience, which brings a real sense of excitement to the classes.”

During their two years at JADS, Master’s students work with organizations that really speak to them, whether a large multinational or a local non-profit organization. Ksenia: “This freedom of choice increases the drive and creativity students bring to projects, and often results in start-up ideas that JADS is happy to facilitate.” Teaching the complete perspective The Master’s degree program teaches students about the entire process of data-driven decision making, which requires both the technical and the entrepreneurial sides. “This creates the basis for JADS’s unique flavor of graduates,” says Ksenia. “Our students find work as data engineers or data scientists. But also as entrepreneurs, consultants and what we call intrapreneurs – people doing entrepreneurial projects within large organizations. Interestingly, our focus on practical, hands-on learning also attracts many prospective academics.”

Truly interdisciplinary from the ground up

“At JADS, we take interdisciplinarity very seriously,” says Jos van Hillegersberg, Academic Director. “We are open to students from many different Bachelor’s programs. Our courses are designed
by research departments in that field, and all courses fit together. This provides a highly integrated program.”This way of working also highlights the strengths from JADS’s parent universities. Eindhoven University of Technology offers its renowned engineering research expertise. Tilburg University supplies in-depth knowledge about the legal, societal and business sectors.

A global perspective to solve global problems

JADS aims to be an international academy. Jos: “We invest in recruiting international students, international staff and international projects, and we have an extensive international network. We are facing global challenges, and we want to offer students this international perspective from the start.

At the same time, our small scale offers significant benefits and ties to the local community. To keep this balance, we are aiming for a 40% international enrollment – and we’re not far off, both in terms of staff and students.”

Ready for action

Together, these aspects result in a Master’s program that truly prepares students for their future careers. Jos: “The job market is excellent for our students. Because of the challenge-based approach, our students graduate with over a year of practical experience, and with a network of their own with interesting organizations.” Ksenia agrees: “Even as a recent graduate, you will be in a place where you can really help your organization make a difference through data.”

“The JADS Engineering Doctorate (EngD) program in Data Science has educated over 80 data scientists in the past six years. The EngD Data Science program is a two-year salaried technological designer program. Trainees combine statistics, computer science, mathematics, and design theory with the business acumen to explore datasets, gather insights, visualize results, and communicate meaningful findings to stakeholders taking into consideration underlying ethical and legal aspects.

Our program is a forerunner in challenge based learning. Trainees develop their designer skills by working in complex multidisciplinary projects from industry and government organizations. In our EngD program, trainees design their learning path within our educational scope. Our trainees have the opportunity to further develop their data scientist skills through in-house technical lectures, workshops and coaching on professional skills. As part of their personal development, our trainees spend considerable time following online technical lectures, hackathons, and data challenges with the industry.”

Tiberiu Muntean – Program Director JADS EngD

“Over the past 5 years, under the guidance of Geert-Jan Peters, JADS Professional Education has trained over 500 professionals. Ranging from short master classes teaching professionals about the opportunities Data Science & AI brings to organizations to extensive programs that train professionals to become Certified Lead Data Scientists.

Our participants learn not only from our top-notch professors, but also from each other by working on real-life cases. They learn practical data entrepreneurship, knowing the value that Big Data
and analytics could bring into their daily practice, and mastering the skills to translate goals and challenges to data-science questions. The biggest compliment is our former participants (alumni) returning to JADS frequently to make use of our ever growing Community and to never stop learning.”

Chantal Stevels – JADS Professional Education

Elske Nijhof - Master student

"Education is not only about learning new things. A great atmosphere, personal development and knowing what you want are just as important. And JADS provides it all."

Agis Georgiou - Master alumnus and chair of the Alumni Association AI Lumni

"Moving to the Netherlands to study at JADS was one of the best decisions of my life. I had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally and build a strong personal and professional network."

Lennart Damen - EngD alumnus and Boardmember of Alumni Association AI Lumni

"During my EngD, JADS provided me with a dynamic environment to develop myself both personally and professionally. The EngD program and the university as a whole were a perfect fit for me. I still enjoy coming back to JADS to join events and guide current students."

Koen Aarns - Master alumnus and founder of Bluetick

"Studying at JADS kickstarted my entrepreneurial journey. I met my co-founders, learned how to properly validate a business idea, and acquired the skills to build a product. All of those proved essential to the successful launch of Bluetick!"

Werner Liebregts - Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at JADS

"In my entrepreneurship courses, students are encouraged to use the latest scientific evidence on how to build successful startups. Adopting a quasi-scientific approach and collecting their own data through experimentation increases their probability of success."

Damian Andrew Tamburri - Ph.D. Associate Professor Data Governance at JADS

The infamous nature of data makes the science and engineering around a compelling story-telling exercise… this is what JADS is, a foundry of stories - we told those stories for 5 years now, industrial to European ones, and it was a good ride!

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