Start Date 1 January 2024
End Date 31 December 2027
Consortium partners 39
Field Health


The rapidly aging European population poses significant challenges to society and the economy, with increasing rates of chronic illness, mental health conditions, and frailty. The ComfortAge project aims to address these issues by developing holistic and integrated healthcare models tailored to the needs of individuals with age-related mental and physical diseases.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme, ComfortAge brings together 39 organizations from 12 countries in a pioneering four-year initiative. The project focuses on early diagnosis and personalized interventions for dementia and frailty, utilizing a Virtualized AI-Based Healthcare Platform (VHP) to centralize AI resources for risk factor analysis and decision-making.

ComfortAge combines clinical expertise, technological innovation, and community engagement to improve quality of life and establish a pan-European framework for community-based prevention and intervention strategies. By focusing on personalized solutions and early prevention, ComfortAge aims to drive meaningful change in dementia and frailty care across Europe.

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Willem Jan van den Heuvel

Unit lead and full professor

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