Start Date 2024
End Date 2026
Field Cybersecurity

Digital Resilience in Supply Chains (DReSC)

The Digital Resilience in Supply Chains (DReSC) project, an award-winning initiative under CS4NL, aims to fortify cyber resilience within logistics and healthcare sectors. Led by Dr. Abhishta from the University of Twente and in collaboration with JADS, this project is supported by the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) ICT and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. By identifying cybersecurity risks and implementing tailored interventions, DReSC enhances supply chain security. The interdisciplinary team includes experts from logistics, healthcare, and cybersecurity domains, leveraging expertise in operations research, dynamic network systems, and vulnerability management. Through real-world use cases and gain-sharing mechanisms, DReSC fosters a culture of digital resilience. Future plans involve expanding sectoral coverage, refining interventions based on emerging threats, and enhancing scalability, thus advancing cybersecurity research and innovation in the Netherlands.

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Jos van Hillegersberg

Scientific Director at JADS

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