Start Date 1 October 2023
End Date 30 September 2025
Consortium partners 9
Field Crime & Safety

Multi AI Realtime Intelligence Tool (MARIT-D)

The MARIT-D project is a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the fight against maritime trafficking across the European Union. By leveraging an intelligence-led, data-driven tool, MARIT-D monitors real-time deviant shipping movements, helping law enforcement agencies (LEAs) pinpoint suspicious activities. This project brings together authorities from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, and Spain to strengthen cross-border cooperation and share critical intelligence. The MARIT-D tool will be refined and tested through joint use cases and field pilots, with the goal of making it accessible to all EU member states via EUROPOL’s Innovation Lab. This initiative aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of LEAs, disrupt illegal shipping activities, and foster a dedicated EU network to combat maritime trafficking
MARIT-D website (external)


Willem Jan van den Heuvel

Unit lead and full professor

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