Indika Priyantha Kumara Weerasingha Dewage

Dr.  Indika Priyantha Kumara Weerasingha Dewage

Assistant professor in data governance at JADS

  • Research profile: Methodology and tools for engineering and analyzing data-intensive applications and data ecosystems
  • Research expertise: Data Mesh, Data Governance, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Service-oriented Computing, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Machine Learning Operations(MLOps)


Dr.  Indika Priyantha Kumara Weerasingha Dewage is an assistant professor in data governance at JADS. He teaches data engineering and advanced data architecture courses. Indika got his Ph.D. from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia (2016). His current research topics include architectural decision-making and methodology for data mesh, data governance for big data and machine learning pipelines, quality assurance of infrastructure as code, machine learning operations, quality assurance of microservices, and quantum computing.

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JADS also participates in several (international) projects, which contribute to grand societal challenges like health, food security, smart transport and secure societies. Together with companies, government, NGO’s and other knowledge institutions, JADS works on solutions by using data.

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