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Bridging worlds, bringing disciplines together

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Date 14 Jun 2022
Time 14:00 to 18:00
Location JADS Mariënburg

A celebration of 5 years JADS

JADS presents: Bridging worlds, bringing disciplines together

1 December 2021 marked the 5 year anniversary of JADS. That calls for a celebration! On Tuesday, 14 June 2022 , 14.00-18.00, we invite our community to look back on 5 years JADS, get acquainted with all that JADS has to offer and raise the glass together.

Registration for this event is closed.

study program

What can you expect?

Be welcome for a dynamic and varied event full of connection, conversations, presentations and interactivity. In short, all that makes JADS a unique data science hub!

  • Meet and mingle in our JADS Fair
  • Tour the Mariënburg building
  • Get to know our students and start ups
  • Join a live recording of the JADS Podcast
  • See what the JADS Community can do for you: meet our researchers, partners and connect to other data science professionals.



13.30 Doors Open
14.00 Opening JADS Fair (location: Chapel)
14.15 Q&A: Education (location: Chapel)
14.35 Q&A: Research Units (location: Chapel)
14.55 Q&A: Business Relations (location: Chapel)
15.15 Q&A: Impact Team (location: Chapel)
15.40 Pitch Start ups JADS Playground (location: JADS room)
15.45 Live Recording Podcast (location: Refter)
16.30 Drinks (location: Atrium)
18.00 End

Marienburg Tour

You can participate in a Mariënburg Tour at 15.00, 15.30 and 16.00


The Chapel is reserved for the JADS Fair. Meet & Greet innovative JADS employees and partners and be inspired by their stories! Each unit within JADS has a dedicated stand where they facilitate presentations and conversations. Among the participants are:

  • JADS MKB Datalab
  • Master students Data Science & Entrepreneurship
  • JADS Research
  • Study Association DSA Pattern
  • Impact business partners & organizations
  • Alumni association AI Lumni

Q&A sessions

Apart from our historic campus and our founding partners: who and what is JADS? What kind of impact can JADS make for you and on you as an individual or business?

We happily invite you to discover this in our open Q&A sessions in the Chapel. We will answer questions about the educational programs and the business opportunities. Want to discover how to grow your business with data? And which role your employees can play? Join the Q&A ‘Impact for You’. Want to learn out which career opportunities there are for you after a Master? Find out in ‘Master Education’. And for people interested in Data Science and how you can become the change leader in your organization: the ‘Professional Education’ session is the sweet spot for you.

Startup pitches

The JADS Playground is the startup incubator within JADS. The Playground aims to help students to get their startup off the ground, from idea to launch and everything in between. Be inspired by 5 startups and their stories, struggles and unique propositions in the startup pitches.

Participating startups are:

  • Quantile
  • Maps Untold
  • Brush AI
  • Medvice
  • Eyedle

JADS Podcast

In the Data Dates podcast, made by JADS, guests who work or study in the field of data science are interviewed about their vision on data science. During these compelling conversations, our guests open up about their personal experiences in the data science world: successes, failures, struggles, surprises and anecdotes.

Take place in the Refter to attend the recording. Hosts will be Nathan de Groot and Fabian Kok.


Chairman of the Day: Nathan de Groot

Nathan de Groot works as an independent moderator, trainer and facilitator. In addition, he is involved as an editor with Dutch satirical collective De Speld and he organizes PowerPoint Karaoke workshops. Nathan is known as a versatile, enthusiastic moderator who likes to interact with the audience. He comes with energy, dynamism and stimulating questions. At the JADS lustrum he takes on the role of chairman of the day.

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