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5 reasons to follow a JADS Data Science program for professionals

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You are interested in one of the JADS Data Science professional programs, but you are not sure if you can persuade your boss or if you are willing to make the investment yourself. In this blog post, we give you five reasons why one of our programs adds to your value as a professional. Discover the possibilities and the opportunities of a Professional Education trajectory at JADS!

1. There is always a program that is right for you

A better understanding of data is becoming increasingly crucial and data scientists are more sought after than ever. JADS embeds data science into society. We offer specific training for professionals in Data Science for Health, Industry, Professional Services, Public & Government and AI for Industry. We also offer general programs tailored towards business managers or professionals who are already working in data science. So there’s always a program that meets your specific needs.

2. You gain access to an inspiring network of companies

In addition to training as an entrepreneurial data scientist, you can also count on access to an inspiring network of companies, students, startups, NGOs and academics. Together we keep learning. Growing in a data science ecosystem is an investment that keeps paying off. Our unique collaboration between the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology gives us access to knowledges and allows us to keep challenging each other.

3. You can share your knowledge internally

It’s a question we hear regularly: “If I send one employee, why not the others? Wouldn’t it be too expensive then?” Our answer? Data science simply makes your products and processes more intelligent. Increasing the knowledge of one employee within the organization is just the beginning. We train professionals who spread their knowledge within their own network. Professional skills are an important part of our training. Every JADS alumnus has the skills to share and teach new insights, as well as to collaborate, bring the right stakeholders together and get things done.

There is a lot of value in the fact that we ask participants to create an internal learning group; a group of colleagues within their own organization. What you learn, you will immediately teach. That way you create a snowball effect with immediate financial benefits.

4. You elevate your entire team or organization

Our participants, students and alumni are pioneers – they take entire organizations with them. A project, certainly within the Level 2 program, is worth at least 15 consultancy days. With our training you elevate professionalism in the field of data science for the entire team. The combination of learning and teaching – of theory and practice – ensures that sponsors receive more than they pay for. Data-driven, disruptive business models, domain-specific entrepreneurship, practical applications to make business processes more efficient: organizations are becoming more strategic and gain a competitive edge thanks to data science.

5. You make a direct impact – even before graduation

Professional Education at JADS is always a challenge-based learning process. What does that mean? Our students work on domain-specific cases that directly benefit sponsors, organizations and employers. These learning processes are always based on a realistic business case or an existing challenge. Immediately after completing a Level 1 or Level 2 program, our participants and alumni start running projects themselves. By investing as a sponsor in training professionals or by starting a program as a self-employed person, you can count on a direct impact and a large financial added value – often even before graduation. A demonstrable ROI and concrete solutions for industry challenges; the investment made by a company or sponsor pays for itself through the efficiencies realized in a data project.

You work as a professional and you know that your organization has data potential. You have a thing for data, you have at least HBO thinking level and an affinity with technology? Sign up for our courses and become part of the ecosystem.

JADS does cool stuff that matters, with data.

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