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From Pre-Master to Master in Data Science at JADS, Pedro’s Journey

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Pedro is a 31-year-old current master student at JADS. After seven years of work experience across different countries, he decided to pivot into the data science field to enhance his career and broaden his skill set. With a background in mechanical engineering, he chose the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship. Before he could start the master’s program, he had to follow the pre-master. In this interview, Pedro shares why he believes the pre-master program at JADS was an essential step in his academic journey.

Pedro, can you tell us why you wanted to join the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at JADS.

“I was working as a business analyst for seven years, with experience in Brazil, Panama, and the Netherlands. However, I realized that to excel in the field of data science, I needed to enhance my technical skills. JADS stood out among other options like TU/e’s Applied Mathematics in Industry and Tilburg’s Data Science and Society due to its balanced approach, combining practical and technical aspects. At JADS you are involved with real businesses and that really attracted me. The Master program in Eindhoven was only focussed on the technical part and the Master in Tilburg was not technical enough in my eyes. The Master’s program at JADS had the best of both worlds.”

You first had to follow the pre-master program before starting your master’s. Can you tell us more about that?

“I had to undertake the pre-master as I did not meet certain admission requirements. While I had a mathematical background, it wasn’t enough to directly enter the master’s program. At first, I thought it might be a waste of time, but the pre-master laid a solid foundation and proved to be very helpful.”

How did the pre-master prepare you for the master’s program at JADS?

“Without the pre-master, I would have struggled in the master’s program. It provided me with a clear understanding of the program’s structure and what to expect. I was particularly grateful for the coding knowledge gained, which was crucial when it came to courses like “Data Intrapreneurship in Action.” Knowing various coding languages and how to use them allowed me to enjoy the course instead of getting lost in the technicalities. Next to that it is a great way to already learn new people that you will work with in your master’s program. You’ll meet many people early on, making it easier to form groups for the collaborative work often required in the master’s program.”

What significant changes did you notice when moving from the pre-master to the master’s program, and how did these changes affect your overall experience?

“As I transitioned, I realized the crucial role of coding in the master’s program. It introduced me to a range of coding languages and their real-world applications. The skills I acquired during the pre-master made me much more prepared for the master’s courses. This solid foundation made my journey through the program considerably smoother.”

“The coding skills acquired during the pre-master have been invaluable. Additionally, understanding the master’s program’s structure has helped me manage my expectations and navigate my studies more effectively.”

How has your academic and career outlook evolved since starting at JADS?

“Prior to my enrollment, I wasn’t deeply involved in coding. However, the master’s program has transformed me into a more hands-on data scientist. I’ve learned not only what data can offer but also how to extract value from it. My career outlook is now much broader and more focused on practical data applications.”

Can you share your thoughts on the JADS Community?

“JADS offers engaging sessions every semester that challenge your mindset. The community is welcoming, and you can easily connect with teachers who are open and supportive. They encourage your entrepreneurial spirit and are helpful when dealing with various challenges.”

How has your experience at JADS shaped your understanding of data science in business and entrepreneurship?

“JADS has expanded my vision of data science. It not only demonstrates what can be done with data today but also explores its future possibilities in business and entrepreneurship. I’m interested in social network analysis, a topic I discovered at JADS, and it has captured my curiosity.”

What advice do you have for prospective students considering a similar path from pre-master to master’s at JADS?

“Don’t rush the process. If you don’t meet the admission requirements for the master’s program and need to follow the Pre-master’s it’s not a waste of time. It will help you later on in the Master. Embrace and enjoy the journey. Building a strong foundation during the pre-master will make your experience in the master’s program much more enjoyable.”


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