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Yu Liang’s Innovative Research at the Intersection of Music and Technology

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JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science) is proud to announce that on November 27, Yu Liang will defend her PhD, marking a significant milestone for JADS as one of its first PhD graduates. Yu’s research dives into the world of recommender systems, specifically transforming how we discover and enjoy new music.

Breaking out of your musical bubble

Think about your favorite music app – it’s great at suggesting songs based on what you already know and love. But what about those moments when you want to break out of your musical comfort zone and want to explore new music? Yu Liangs’s research takes on this challenge, aiming to liberate us from the so-called “filter bubbles” that keep us stuck in the same musical circles.

Music genre exploration tool

At the heart of Yu’s research is the development of a music genre exploration tool. This tool empowers users to trade their usual tunes for something new, making the first step outside their comfort zone feel like a personalized adventure.

Yu Liang

Yu’s research also explores the use of digital nudges: gentle digital pushes to encourage more exploration. These nudges are tailored to individual preferences, making the musical journey even more personal. Through her studies, Yu has uncovered fascinating insights into how different people explore music, with factors like musical expertise playing a role in shaping these musical journeys.

Yu’s research takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining insights from music recommendation algorithms, interactive exploration interface design, and theories on decision-making.

Personalized stepping stone

The music genre exploration tool was tested extensively, and users are happy with the new tool. They perceive the music genre exploration tool to be a new and helpful way to explore and develop new music tastes. By allowing users to make trade-offs between their existing preferences and the new genres they want to explore, the tool acts as a personalized stepping stone outside their comfort zones.

What’s truly special about Yu’s work is its potential impact on the future of music discovery. Her work will add a new dimension to the field of recommender systems. As one of the first PhD candidates at JADS, Yu is leading the charge in redefining how we find and fall in love with new music.

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