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After the Master: Career opportunities

The career opportunities for data scientists are sheer endless. According to a Harvard study, the profession of Data Scientist is the ‘sexiest job’ of the 21st century. Meaning the skills that you will have as a data scientist are in exceptionally high demand.

Not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide the number of Data Scientist vacancies is growing exponentially.

A career as a data scientist

Within an organization, you are the one who translates questions into technical data insights and vice versa. You can work for multinationals or manage your own data science company: finding new markets and opportunities with data.

​Or you can work as a data consultant or analyst: from advising companies who want to know more about the purchasing behavior of their customers, to using big data to support police crime detection work, to helping healthcare institutes share global data to fight diseases like Malaria.

Data Governance

Possible positions as a data scientist

Data Scientist
Data Protection Manager
On-Line Data Strategist
Web Data Entrepreneur
Business Intelligence & Analytics Lead
Manager Customer Analytics
Litigation Support Analyst
e-Health Analyst
Web Analyst
On-Line Data Strategist
HR analyst
Data journalist
Open government analyst

​Statistical / Data Analyst
Data Regulatory Officer
Consultant Data Concessions
Predictive Analytics Modeler, Data
Advanced Analytics Practice Manager
Marketing Research Analyst
Legal Project Analyst
Public Records Analysist
Social Media Analyst
Privacy Officer
Health-care quality analyst

Background Pattern

Companies we work with

This is a selection of some of the 300 companies we work with. Companies will be actively involved in teaching, assignment supervision, and initiating novel innovations, startups and accelerators.

Data Science Career Perspective day

the Data Science Career Perspective Day

We annually host the Data Science Career Perspective Day. Data is often cited as the oil of the 21st century. But most people find it difficult to envision where the new data-related innovations and technologies will bring us and at what speed. Picturing a career in data, similarly, can be hard. What are your career prospects after getting your MSc degree in data science?

During this day you get in contact with companies whose daily business depends on data science and get to know more about how data science is applied in the real world or what a career in data science looks like.

Data Science Vacancies

Not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide the number of Data Scientist vacancies is growing exponentially.

​According to research by Dialogic, the number of vacancies in the Netherlands doubled between 2014 and 2015. McKinsey estimates that in 2018 there will be a shortage in professionals with deep analytical skills of between 140,000 to 190,000 in the US alone.

Check out the number of
data science vacancies in the Netherlands.

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