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Building a study association at JADS, what’s that like?

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After completing his bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics at TU Eindhoven and the pre-master Data Science & Entrepreneurship, Bram Delisse (24) is currently in the middle of his Master study. We spoke to him about his experiences with the study association Pattern, which he helped to build at JADS.

Where it all started

“During my time at TU/e, I was always active in the study association Van der Waals. I did committees, organized activities and made a lot of friends. When started the pre-master at JADS in Den Bosch, I decided to join a study association here as we. I started talking to some people from Pattern, which was originally based in Eindhoven en Tilburg and relatively new in Den Bosch.”

Really close group of people

“Everyone does their own thing here at JADS. We are in a kind of special position here; in that we have a separate building with only master’s students. What you do notice, because almost everyone comes from a different study, is that everyone is actively looking for friends. Pattern helps us with high level communication. I have met a lot of  people through Pattern, it is a really close group of people here already.”

Organizing the master kickoff

“During the pre-master, me and two other Pattern members organized weekly drinks in café ‘t Paultje around the corner. I became the face of Pattern within JADS. After that, I was given the task of organizing the intro for the Master. Pattern gave me a lot of freedom to make my own decisions and it worked out great. I was a bit nervous beforehand because I didn’t know if Master students would be up for it. But everyone joined in, there were 60 of us. We also had intro T-shirts and everyone participated. We even jumped into the Dommel!”

Get the whole building together

“We also have our own get-together committee since this year with all first year JADS students. We organize all kinds of themed drinks. Recently we had a brainstorming session about an activity committee that we would like to start, focused on the Master. With the goal that also teachers can participate and that we get the whole building together twice per semester.”

Easy to meet new people

“I would always recommend taking a look at the study association because you can participate at any level. You can actively participate but you can also drop by once a year and if you don’t like it, you don’t come anymore. There is something really nice about a student association. It’s so easy to meet new people and that also makes it more fun to walk through the building here because then you recognize faces.”

More information?

More information about Pattern you can find on their website.

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