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Tara’s story: From Data Science in Society to Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship

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Meet Tara. Tara enjoys spending time with friends and shopping, but she also has a passion for coding in Python. Tara is currently a student in the Master’s in Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at JADS. In this interview, she shares her transition from the Data Science in Society master to the Master program at JADS. Read on to learn about her background, motivations, and experiences, as well as valuable comparisons between the two master’s programs and highlights of the unique aspects of the Master DSBE.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

“Sure. I’m 22 years old, I’m from Someren, near Eindhoven, and in my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, reading, hanging out with friends, and shopping. I completed my bachelor’s in Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. After that, I pursued the Data Science and Society master, also at Tilburg. I am currently doing the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship”

Why did you want to pursue Data Science after your bachelor’s?

“During my bachelor’s, we did a lot of research where we had to collect and analyze data. I noticed that many people found the statistical analysis part challenging, but I enjoyed it the most. I often took on the role of analyzing the data, and that’s when I realized I wanted to delve deeper into it. I found it really enjoyable and wanted to explore it further.
The Data Science in Society master seemed like a natural choice, because I was directly admissible for that Master. Overall, I had a great experience with the master. It started with basic data science concepts, which was helpful for beginners. However, because it is a one-year master’s program, the pace was quite fast, especially with the thesis project, which was my first solo coding project. It was challenging, but it laid a strong foundation for me in data science.”

Why did you decide to pursue the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship after completing the first master?

“I felt that I wanted more experience before entering the workforce, and I was still quite young at 21 after completing the first master. I wanted to deepen my knowledge in data science, and I liked the idea of working with companies through projects. The courses offered in the Master DSBE seemed more advanced and specialized, covering topics like Social Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing, which appealed to me.”

What are the major differences between the Master DSS and the Master DSBE?

“One significant difference is the emphasis on group work in the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship. We have group assignments for almost every course, which initially made me nervous, but it’s been a great learning experience. The focus on soft skills development, like presentations and teamwork, is also notable. Additionally, the smaller class size and tighter-knit community at JADS make it unique compared to the larger campus environment at Tilburg University.”

What would you say is unique about the master DSBE?

“The smaller community and the opportunity to collaborate closely with companies set this master apart. The atmosphere on campus is very welcoming, and there are plenty of social events organized by DSA Pattern that add to the unique experience.”

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