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Exceptional outcomes in NSE 2024 for JADS Master

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The 2024 National Student Survey (NSE) results are in, and the Master’s program in Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at JADS has again received outstanding feedback from its students. These results highlight our commitment to providing a high-quality, practical, and engaging educational experience.

About the National Student Survey (NSE)

The National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête) is an annual survey conducted in the Netherlands to measure students’ satisfaction levels in higher education institutions. It evaluates various aspects of the educational experience, such as teaching quality, practical relevance, and overall satisfaction.

Outstanding Performance in Key Areas

Connection to Professional Practice and Career Opportunities

The program scored an impressive 4.33 (out of 5) in connecting students to professional practice and career opportunities, which is much higher than other Data Science masters. This high score underscores the program’s emphasis on practical experiences, enabling students to apply their skills in real-life data challenges from companies and organizations.

Program director Martijn Willemsen shares, “Our curriculum is heavily focused on challenge-based learning, with more than half of the courses and projects including real-life data challenges from companies. This challenge-based approach not only enhances learning but also prepares our students for successful careers in the industry.”

Engagement and Contact

Engagement and contact with the academic community scored 4.11, showing that students value the interaction and communication with their peers and faculty members. Bora Turan, a current Master’s student, remarks, “The most unique aspect about JADS is the close-knit community. Students and teachers are really accessible. We can do a lot of things together and come up with great results.”

Guidance and Counseling

Student support services received positive feedback, with a score of 4.05. We are happy that the guidance and counseling we provide to students ensures they have the support they need throughout their academic journey.

High Student Satisfaction

An essential measure of the program’s success is the overall satisfaction reported by the students. The high scores across these key aspects of the survey demonstrate students’ confidence in the program.


The 2024 NSE results for the Master’s program in Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at JADS are a testament to the program’s quality and effectiveness. The outcomes reflect the dedication of the faculty and the program’s commitment to fostering a supportive and practical learning environment. As Program Director Martijn Willemsen puts it, “Our focus on creating societal and business impact with data science sets you up for a successful career in business or governmental and research organisations on the topic of Data Science and AI. Companies hiring our students applaud their problem solving skills going together with their excellent data science skills.”

So, if you’re looking to become a skilled data scientist with strong business skills, join us at JADS. Explore the world of data science, business, and their impact on society, and get ready to make a meaningful impact with your career!

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