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Meet Master’s student Bora: ‘I wanted to make a change in my career’

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Meet Bora. Bora is currently a Master’s student in Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship at JADS. In this interview, he shares why he choose this Master program and his experiences so far. Read on to learn about his background, favorite moments at JADS, his future plans, and some advice for potential international students like himself. Also take a look at the video of Bora talking about his experiences at JADS at the end of the interview.

What is your background?

“I have an engineering background. I did the bachelor Mechanical Engineering in my home country Turkey.”

Why did you choose this master?

“I choose this master at JADS, because I wanted to make a change in my career. I didn’t want to stick to just mechanical engineering throughout my whole career, so I was looking for a switch. The master Data Science in Business & Entrepreneurship at JADS seemed perfect for me. Now I can switch between my entrepreneurship knowledge as well as my gained data science knowledge at JADS in combination with my more technical background.”

What is your favorite course?

“I think I have two favorite courses. The first one is called ‘Social Network Analysis for Data Scientist’ and I really like that course, because it offered me the opportunity to see how society works inside the graphs and computer. My other favorite course is called ‘Causal Inference’ and I learned how to make decisions based on data.”

What is the most unique thing about JADS?

“People can choose what topic they would like to focus on. JADS offers more technical courses but also more business orientated courses. You can follow courses from both sides and mix them. I believe that that is one of the best sides of JADS. Another thing that makes JADS unique is the close-knit community as well as the campus. The campus itself is amazing and the students and teachers are really accessible, so we can work together and come up with great results.”

What is the nicest case you worked on?

“The nicest cases I worked on were during the ‘Data Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship’ courses. They offer me the opportunity to work with professionals in the field and with real time data, which we can use in our professions in the future.”

What was your most memorable moment at JADS so far?

“My most memorable moment at JADS so far is the Data Experience Day (DEX) and the Talent Fair, because I’m the chairman of the Data Science Days student association. We organize career events with professionals for students by students. Being on the stage representing my school as well as my student association was a great experience and really exciting.”

What are your future plans?

“I would like to keep being a professional. The reason why is because I started doing my internship at one of the best retailer companies of the Netherlands and I would like to keep that position as a data scientist.”

Why should someone choose this master?

“JADS offers a great combination between data science and entrepreneurship. If you like to experience both, JADS is a perfect fit for you.”

What would you advise potential international students?

“If you’re coming to JADS for the first time, take your time. Just settle a bit down, enjoy the experience and enjoy JADS. It’s a great place, people are open minded and they’re really open to conversation. Just make use of it.”

Meet Master's student Bora

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