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MKB Datalab starts 16 (!) projects with SME companies!

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On Friday 29 September, JADS MKB Datalab launched a new round of projects. This time with 16 projects, including four follow-up projects. From exploratory analyses to dashboarding and the deployment of Chat GPT. From language training to outdoor toys, from construction companies to a communications consultancy SME. A wide range of different companies and challenges!
Founded in 2018, JADS MKB Datalab’s mission is to make data science & AI (Artificial Intelligence) accessible to SMEs. Although a digital transition can be a big step forward especially for small businesses, they often do not immediately see the added value of working more data-driven, do not know where to start or do not have the right skills themselves to get started with data. Through short-term projects with student consultants, they are taking a first step into the world of data. During the kick-off session, the companies were personally introduced and paired with the student consultants.

JADS MKB Datalab has assisted a wide variety of companies over the past five years, for whom it has carried out the most diverse projects, from fairly simple to highly complex. More than 160 entrepreneurs had themselves supported. The number of completed projects is almost double, as many past entrepreneurs come back for more. For the students of JADS MKB Datalab, this is proof that every company can get more out of data science.

16 projects at once

Friday 29 September 2023 was the kick-off for a new round of projects with 16 new projects and 12 new project partners. The students carrying out the assignments for the JADS MKB Data Lab will work on interesting defined projects where they help organisations become more data-driven. The following companies will take their first (or next) step in the field of value creation with Data:

The kick-off on the JADS campus: SME Companies introduce themselves and meet the student consultants from JADS MKB Datalab


Some of the projects the student consultants will work on with the Lab include:

  • Better identifying different customer segments;
  • Cleaning up data and giving it the right (visual) form;
  • Scanning and automatically classifying images using AI;
  • Development of proof of concept for process automation;
  • Making operational data transparent and, based on available data, working towards visualisations of KPIs.

Central kick-off provides extra insight

During this kick-off moment, the companies introduce themselves and their challenges and the students who will work on the challenges also introduce themselves. The students then make individual agreements about the working method and communication with the company for which they are taking up a challenge. These sessions are inspiring because it also gives a good idea of what companies from very different sectors are working on in terms of value creation from data. The question of the entrepreneurs is central as students carry out the projects as a side job outside the curriculum. Naturally, the morning session ended with a tour around the campus.

A tour of the campus was extra inspiring.

More information

Want to know more, attend a workshop or ask a question? Read more about how the JADS MKB Datalab makes Data Science & AI accessible to SMEs on our MKB Datalab page.


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