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New Book “Data Science for Entrepreneurship” offers practical introduction to data science principles

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Publishing company Springer released a new book titled “Data Science for Entrepreneurship” that features many JADS-affiliated authors. The book offers a practical yet detailed introduction to the fundamental principles of data science and how entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs can take advantage of it.

We spoke to one of the editors, Werner Liebregts, assistant professor of Data Entrepreneurship at JADS, about how the book came about and why it’s such a good reflection of the JADS philosophy of bringing together Data Science and Entrepreneurship to make impact with data.

How did this book come about?

“I had the opportunity to work with my colleagues Willem-Jan and Arjan on this exciting project. We were approached by publishing company Springer to edit a book that explores the intersection of data science and entrepreneurship. Together, we created a draft table of contents and reached out to colleagues and associates for contributions. Many of them were affiliated with JADS, and I’m happy that they were willing to join us on this journey. Although we faced some challenges along the way, we finally achieved our goal. We’re very proud that this joint effort has now finally been published.”

Why a book about data science and entrepreneurship?

“The rapid pace of technological advancement has created a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into the abundance of data available. The book provides a detailed yet practical introduction to the fundamental principles of data science and how entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs can take advantage of it. It walks the reader through sections on data engineering, and data analytics as well as sections on data entrepreneurship and data use in relation to society.”

What are the main takeaways from the book?

“This book aims to bridge the gap between data science and entrepreneurship. We tried to provide readers with the tools they need to turn data-driven ideas into real-world solutions.  With detailed examples and case studies, readers will gain a deep understanding of how to acquire, store, and analyze data for new value creation. We also included discussion points and questions at the end of each chapter. We really wanted to encourage reflection and facilitate the application of the learning material to real-world scenarios.”

What is the relevance of this book for JADS?

“As you read the book, you will notice its similarity to JADS’ Master’s program on Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship. It explores Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Entrepreneurship, and Data and Society, which are key disciplines and focus areas at JADS. Also, as I said earlier, many of the contributing authors have worked or still work for JADS. So you can rightly say that it has become a book with a lot of JADS DNA in it.”

The book Data Science for Entrepreneurship is available for purchase now at major online retailers.

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