Start Date 1 January 2023
End Date 31 December 2026
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Field Smart Health

Transforming Healthcare Through Semantic Interoperability & Patient Self-Efficacy (TREAT)

TREAT aims to help patients better manage chronic diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, and chronic respiratory diseases. It does this by using an asynchronous model; to a healthcare approach where interactions between patients and healthcare providers do not occur in real-time. In the project, data is gathered from wearables, journals, and medical records. This model allows healthcare to be more accessible in patients’ everyday lives, making them more responsible for their own health instead of relying solely on clinicians. The project will create new wearables and software-based solutions, including technology that allows different systems to work together, automated feedback with AI suggestions, and new interfaces using augmented reality. These innovations aim to empower patients and make healthcare more efficient.
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Aarnout Brombacher

Full professor

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