PDEng program Data Science

EC Points 120
Title Professional Doctorate in Engineering in Data Science
Duration 24 Months
Language English
Availability Full-time

The Professional Doctorate in Engineering program Data Science is a two-year post-master’s program. It qualifies its students to become top-level professional data scientists.

The PDEng program Data Science qualifies its students to become top-level professionals, who are able to help industry and business with their innovative data science solutions. They aim for a career in a big data environment that truly leverages their academic experience and talents in the fast growing in-demand field of Data Science.

About PDEng

A PDEng program is a more industry-oriented alternative to a PhD trajectory. Whilst a PhD is focused on a career as an independent researchers, a PDEng prepares a trainee for an industrial career as a technological designer. Like a PhD candidate, a PDEng candidate will have the status of TU/e employee after being selected for this program, and receive a salary and attractive benefits package. For more information please read the following documents:

  1. Report CCTO is the leading document in which we present the design of our PDEngprogram.
  2. Compendium presents the facts and figures, such as, the trainee intake, the cooperation with the business community (number and type of projects), the list of graduation projects, and our alumni community.
  3. Addendum PDEng DS organization presents, at high level, the management structure and the main stakeholders.
  4. Addendum PDEng DS mentoring describes different perspectives of coaching and supervision integrated in our program.

Study Program & Curriculum

In two years, you will deepen your technological knowledge, gain practical experience, work on your professional skills, and carry out a technological design project for one of our industry partners. The technological designer programs lead to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) degree. These programs are given under the banner of 4TU.School for Technological Design; the Stan Ackermans Institute, a joint initiative of the four universities of technology in the Netherlands.

The PDEng program Data Science offers an interdisciplinary learning environment devoted to professional training in knowledge, skills, and competencies that are required of a data scientist at doctorate level. The program aims to broaden and specialize the professional profile of students in a personalized way. By means of nine independent educational modules, the program integrates the fundamental elements of the data science process: preparation, exploration, analytics, visualization, mining, and business intelligence, from a design perspective.


Smart Pork Chain sensor
EngD (formerly PDEng) Agrifood & Nature

Helping to smarten up the pork production chain

Zinabu Melese is an Ethiopian PDEng student at JADS who for his doctorate research explored a wealth of data from Hendrix Genetics and the Vion Food Group in order to lay the foundations for further data integration in the production chain. The next step will be to couple data from sensors hanging in pig farms to slaughterhouse data.
recommender PDEng

Developing a recommender app for de Efteling

A PDEng trainee from JADS helped de Efteling develop a recommender app. Thanks to this app, Efteling will be able to better distribute its visitor flows throughout the park.
Crime and Safety PDEng

Successfully tackling money laundering with data science

JADS, together with Van Lanschot, developed an approach to tackle money laundering using data science

Admission requirements

Candidates are creative problem solvers and team players who seek interaction – within a multidisciplinary environment – to address problems. They have excellent technical skills, are eager to learn and are dedicated to the quality and quantity of knowledge gained.

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Application procedure

Candidates can enter the program only after having successfully passed the full admission procedure. The procedure has three steps and involves a thorough assessment by means of a Data Challenge Week and an application interview.

More about the application procedure

Important note about the application procedure

The registration for the Data Challenge Week is open. If you want to apply for the PDEng DS program, please send in your (updated) application between April 1, 2022 to July 1, 2022! The next Data Challenge week will take place in October 2022. 

Important note
Due to the uncertain situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic we might change our assessment procedure until further notice. The most important change could be that the assessment takes place online. The online DCW consists of a 6-day online teamwork assessment concluded with an online interview.

Because we received a large number of responses, we only invited candidates who fully met our requirements and with the most experience. There are only a few spots to forgiven, based on “first come, first served”.

Info Data Challenge week

Online DCW general information

Alumni 50+
Companies 35 different
Countries 36 different

More than 90% of the foreign graduates from the PDEng program Data Science find a first job in The Netherlands. Our alumni now work at companies like ASML, Unilever, Schiphol, KPN, Coolblue, and many more.

Leading companies, markets, and businesses in many fields are hiring big data infrastructure professionals at doctorate level to help them store, explore, process, access, visualize the terabytes of data that they collect daily. While the volume of data produced and stored grows exponentially, there is a severe shortage of talent to design data infrastructure and pipelines and to turn complex data into valuable business insights.

"You will find your hidden talents and improve yourself"

“It is intensely challenging, but you will find your hidden talents and improve yourself. You get the benefits of being a student, learn, get work experience and get paid. It is a really valuable program for the rest of your... Read more
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