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How do we get everyone to have a say when it comes to AI? A conversation with Peter de Kock

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The newest episode of Data Dates Podcast offers a surprising perspective on one of the most hotly debated topics of our time: AI. To do so, Edwin and Els speak with Peter de Kock, professor of practice at JADS and expert on data science and crime analysis.

Making complex topics easily accessible

As professor of practice, Peter de Kock bridges the gap between academia and practice. His focus is on making complex topics, such as AI, accessible to a wide audience. Only if everyone has a basic understanding of the possibilities and impossibilities of AI, he argues, can we have a constructive debate about the opportunities and challenges posed by AI. He says:

“The consequences that AI has and the changes that it brings to our society are so all-encompassing that I think we have to make sure that everybody can have a say. And so that means we also have to be able to explain very complicated things like neural networks in a way that most people can understand what it’s about.”

Misconceptions about AI

In the talk, Peter refutes some common misconceptions about artificial intelligence. “I think the biggest misconception is that artificial intelligence is going to lead to robots taking over all of humanity and making independent choices and keeping humans as slaves. That’s not going to happen in our lifetime, I don’t think. This is a picture that has been painted to us by many books and movies. And, to a very large extent, that drives a fear that is explicable, but not real.”

The role of tech companies

One of the main points of the conversation is the role of tech companies and the large-scale collection of personal data. Peter cites some examples of this. “We have something called the AVG in our society. That covers name, address, phone number, things like that. But One can argue that the keywords I use are more identifying than my name and address and hometown. One can argue that those say a lot more about my identity.”

Peter de Kock exposes the need for awareness around privacy and advocates exploring alternatives to the dominance of big tech companies in the data economy.

Opportunities of artificial intelligence

Despite the challenges and ethical issues, Peter also highlights the possibilities and opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, particularly in the areas of healthcare, energy and social issues.

It starts with awareness

The talk ends with a call to action. Peter emphasizes that change starts with awareness and that it is up to society to have a collective conversation about artificial intelligence .

The podcast episode with Peter de Kock offers an intriguing exploration of the complex world of artificial intelligence and all its opportunities, threats and misconceptions. Peter calls for broader awareness and action to prepare us for the technological revolution ahead.

Attention: The Data Dates Podcast is in Dutch only

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