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Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis (ETZ) launches training programme AI in healthcare together with JADS

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ETZ introduces all employees to AI

ETZ is a frontrunner in applying AI (artificial intelligence) and has high expectations for the future use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. In order to introduce all interested ETZ employees to the possibilities of AI, JADS (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science) and ETZ together compiled a broad training programme AI.

The basic AI course was developed by ETZ intensivist and AI specialist Jessica Workum herself and is offered online via the ETZ Leerplein. By offering this low-threshold course and collaborating with JADS to offer comprehensive training, the knowledge level of application possibilities in the hospital is increased. In this way, the ETZ aims to prepare the organisation for the considered deployment of AI. In a way that contributes to ETZ’s strategy, also in the long term.

The kick-off of the training programme took place in mid-March in a full ETZ auditorium with interested employees. Paul van Leest, head of the Business Intelligence Centre department at ETZ: “This launch event aimed to inform and enthuse employees – even those without a background in AI or data science. The ETZ sees the tremendous potential of AI and the importance of data-driven working. We expect AI to bring about major changes in the workplace and therefore feel it is important to invest in the knowledge and skills of our employees.”

The initiators for the AI training programme (from left to right): Ellen Geerts (JADS), Jessica Workum (ETZ), Paul van Leest (ETZ) and Danielle Sent (JADS). ©ETZ/Maria van der Heyden

ETZ recognises the importance of data-driven work. Interaction with users of AI models based on natural language is already a possibility. Pilots using AI applications are already taking place in a number of departments. Moreover, to measure the impact of all efforts and courses, a collaboration with the Open University has been launched. The launch and impact of the training plan AI in ETZ will be the subject of scientific research conducted by the Open University. This will give ETZ insight into the effectiveness of the AI training programme. This will help to further optimise activities where necessary.

Academic growth
Dr Danielle Sent, Associate professor and Director Professional Education at JADS, on the collaboration “AI is changing the world and healthcare at lightning speed. Organisations like ETZ see that data and AI are crucial to ensure quality and affordability of care. JADS is happy to help ETZ with this transformation. In doing so, we not only look at developing technology, but especially at what is needed to deploy it meaningfully. We are very enthusiastic about ETZ’s commitment and willingness to involve the entire organisation in this process. Not everyone needs to be an expert, but everyone needs to have sufficient knowledge for a successful transformation. And that is what ETZ and JADS are fully and for a long time committed to.”

ETZ intensivist and AI specialist Jessica Workum speaks during the kick-off of the training programme. PHOTO: ETZ/Maria van der Heyden

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