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New Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals starts March 2024!

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Generative AI is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating algorithms and models capable of generating new content, such as text, images, or music, that resembles human-created content. It has applications in multiple industries. Learning more about generative AI is essential to be able to harness the potential of AI-driven creativity, leading to innovation, efficiency, and new opportunities in various domains. Following the succes of our first Bootcamp, our our team of Professional Education at JADS launches the second Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals. Starting in March 2024. In which you will learn the basics of data science and generative AI with 6 coherent, easy accessible sessions by University professionals.

Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals

With this latest Generative AI Bootcamp you will learn to:

  1. Recognize new business opportunities by deploying Generative AI
  2. Understand the principles of Generative AI and recognize the business benefits and limitations of AI
  3. Learn to speak the language of technical colleagues such as data scientists and engineers
  4. Get the latest scientific insights in a short time frame.

Discover this, not so exhausting, bootcamp online now: Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals

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