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What is data science?

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We are the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. But what exactly is data science? It is the field that turns data into decisionmaking power, through statistics, algorithms, and “increasingly” the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The state of the art in Data Science

Data science is developing rapidly. More data is available than ever, and algorithms have become faster and easier to use. 20 years ago, you needed a PhD degree to do complex analyses, but these days even hobbyists can configure neural networks. This maturity offers tremendous possibilities for entrepreneurs, organizations and governments. Currently, what the world needs is more people with data skills. These technical developments also raise questions. How do we get the most out of data science, while keeping important safeguards? Digital technologies move fast. To protect ethics, privacy and justice, collaboration between lawmakers, ethicists and data scientists is critical.

Data Entrepreneurship

“JADS is a community of researchers, students, and professionals who are interdisciplinary oriented. They understand that data science is more than analyzing data, and that data engineering, analytics, decision-making, and business development have to align responsibly to get value from data.”

Ksenia Podoynitsyna
Associate Professor Data Entrepreneurship

Data Governance

“JADS for me is home of making things happen and learning with my personal outlook on AI and data engineering as the fabric to do things smartly, bolstering scientific and societal impact. It is the breeding cradle of new scientific offspring that is well versed in tomorrow’s AI and data driven global face of our societies”

Willem-Jan van den Heuvel
Professor Information Systems

Data Analytics

“JADS connects science and education to society through collaborations with companies and organizations. Students and researchers at JADS develop a unique skill set that is beneficial to the
societal dissemination of scientific insights.”

Eric Postma
Professor Artificial Intelligence.

The future promises creativity

Compared to 10 years ago, the field of data science has made giant leaps. However, in another 10 years, we will look back and see this was just the beginning. User friendliness and affordability are usually the keys to mass adoption. People today are skeptical about upcoming data science technologies and artificial intelligence. But all technologies we now use daily – like WiFi and videoconferencing – were met with skepticism at first. People spend more and more of their lives online, generating data that can help predict effects on a population scale. For instance, when thousands of people see a reminder to vote in the upcoming elections during an online event, it is easier to track how many of them take action – at least compared to when they see that reminder at the bus stop. This increase in data is going to unleash huge potential, inspire tremendous creativity, and help people in ways we can not imagine yet.

Louis Vertegaal - member of JADS Management Team

“At JADS we do cool stuff that matters with data. Research at JADS stands on a strong base with its roots concerning societal aspects in Tilburg University and its roots concerning technological aspects in Eindhoven University of Technology. Over the years this unique combination has fueled several beautiful research programs involving researchers from Eindhoven and Tilburg as well. The Excellence of these research programs at JADS has been acknowledged by several research funding organisations like the EU and The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). A strong demand for the unique research at JADS can be found in the leading science policy reports for the future. It can therefore be expected that JADS will play an important role in shaping the Digital Economy in the years to come”

Prof. dr. Ingrid Heynderickx - Dean department IE&IS TU/e and Chair of JADS Steering Committee

“By combining the assets of the two founding fathers JADS has created in Den Bosch a unique research and education offering in data and entrepreneurship.”

Making what you do matter at JADS

At JADS, our approach to data science is right in our slogan: we do cool stuff that matters, with data. We look beyond algorithm finetuning and technical optimization, and want to make real
contributions in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the major challenges in the world. For instance, we take inspiration from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We hope to do our part in using data science to reduce hunger, solve murders, support ecosystems, combat fraud and money laundering, and improve everything from education to hospital planning.

SAFEGUARD Lab (with Deloitte)

The objective of the SAFEGUARD lab is auditing of AI software by exploring, developing and validating novel auditing theories, tools, and methodologies. The aim is to monitor and audit whether
AI applications adhere in terms of fairness (they have no bias), explainability, transparency (they are easy to explain), robustness and reliability (they deliver the same results under various execution environments), respect of privacy (they respect the GDPR), and safety and security (they have no vulnerabilities).

Responsible Media Lab (with UvA and DPG Media)

How can AI contribute to the functioning of the media along the entire production chain (sourcing, production, distribution, engagement), and even fundamentally change aspects of the media as we know it? The lab will explore the potential of AI-driven solutions for the media, their professional role, opportunities for new business models and new ways of engaging with users, while taking into account professional values and the emerging regulatory framework for AI. The lab seeks to develop AI-based methods and solutions that facilitate more diverse news offerings to readers, working alongside human journalists.

ILUSTRE Lab (with LaNubia)

ILUSTRE will be a living lab in the Caribbean with the objective to develop, implement and test AI innovations that will accelerate the use of clean energy and advance solutions in water treatment
and wastewater recycling and purification. Alongside these sustainable development objectives, the innovation partners aim at establishing an education platform for AI and data science for the Caribbean region.


In the vision of the ELSA lab DATAXCHANGE, the future of our society is determined by the way we deal with data. The vision: An inclusive and safe future-oriented society. To achieve this, it is necessary to create an infrastructure in which data can be shared, in a way that supports the core values of our Dutch democratic society. The fight against crime, more specifically that of subversive or undermining crime, will be an excellent application area for this.

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