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JADS: A Year of Achievements and Advancements in 2023

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As we say goodbye to 2023, it’s time to reflect on everything we achieved this year at JADS From groundbreaking research to recognition in education and impactful community events, JADS has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of data science.

1. ROBUST AI Program Welcomes Three New Research Labs

The year began with a significant milestone as we launched three new research labs at JADS under the ROBUST AI program. These labs include SAFEGUARD in collaboration with Deloitte, ILUSTRE with LaNubia, and REM with UvA and DPG Media. Each lab is dedicated to improving artificial intelligence, exploring areas such as fairness, transparency, and reliability.

2. Master DSBE Scores Excellent in Keuzegids Masters 2023

For the second consecutive time, the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship (DSBE) at JADS has been recognized for excellence. The Keuzegids Masters 2023, the authoritative guide for selecting a study in the Netherlands, highlighted the Master DSBE’s exceptional performance based on student satisfaction in the 2022 Nationale Studenten Enquête (NSE). The results showcased high satisfaction levels in career preparation, atmosphere, examination, and the quality of JADS lecturers.

3. Ladies of Data 2023: Celebrating Diversity in Data Science

On May 11, over 100 data scientists and professionals gathered for the inclusive event, Ladies of Data 2023. The theme, ‘Everything is a Network,’ set the stage for a day filled with insightful presentations from, among others, Claudia Zucca, Assistant Professor at JADS, and Doreen Posthuma, Senior Data Scientist at This event emphasized the importance of diversity, representation and collaboration in the field of data science.

4. Successful Community Events on OpenAI and Generative AI

JADS hosted two successful community events in 2023. The first, focused on OpenAI, explored ethical, technical, and legal aspects in interactive discussion tables, providing participants with insights about OpenAI. The second event delved into the world of Generative AI for business, addressing its impact on academia and industry. Participants explored strategies for leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) effectively in their organizations.

5. JADS MKB Datalab Celebrates First Lustrum

A moment of celebration unfolded as the JADS MKB Datalab marked its fifth anniversary. This milestone underscores the lab’s dedication to advancing data science in collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises.

6. Global Diversity: Welcome to 8 New EngD Trainees

JADS remains a hub of international collaboration, welcoming 8 new Engineering Doctorate (EngD) trainees from 6 different nationalities and spanning 3 continents. This diverse cohort reflects JADS’s commitment to fostering a global community of data science enthusiasts.

7. Inaugural Bootcamp Generative AI for Professionals

JADS took a proactive step in professional education with the introduction of the Bootcamp Generative AI for professionals. This program, designed by university professionals, offers 6 accessible sessions covering the basics of data science and generative AI.

8. Milestone: Master reaches mark of 300 Alumni

The Masted Data Science in Business at JADS celebrated a significant milestone in 2023, as it reached 300 alumni. These accomplished individuals are now part of a growing network of data science professionals making impactful contributions in various domains.

9. Research: Celebrating the first two JADS PhDs

This year, we had a first: in December, two of our candidates finished their PhDs, the first PhDs to be awarded at JADS. Frederique van Leeuwen’s groundbreaking work in time series motif discovery and Yu Liang’s innovative contributions to recommender systems mark significant milestones for JADS.

As we look back at 2023, JADS stands as a hub of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge in the world of data science and AI. We’re proud to be a global family, welcoming diverse talent and doing cool stuff that matters, with data. Here’s to more adventures and achievements in 2024!

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