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Alumnus Agis Georgiou: “Jads played a key role in my personal and professional growth”

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Why did you choose to study at JADS?

“For me, being an international student, this is a question which has 3 parts: why pick this specific study: Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship? Why Study in the Netherlands? and finally why study at Jads.”

Why study the Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship?
“Having studied Electrical & Computer Engineering, I had a technical background, but I was always interested in the intersection between technology and business/entrepreneurship. I had considered doing an MBA program before, but I was not convinced this was the right choice for me. Back in 2017 when I took the decision to join JADS, I was reading a lot about Data Science and how it could/would revolutionise business and offer new possibilities by leveraging the vast and ever-growing amounts of available data. I started searching for programs that combined this business aspect with the technical aspect of Data Science in Europe. The Master’s program at JADS was one of the most attractive ones for me.”

Why Study in the Netherlands
“The Dutch higher education system is excellent, as reflected in international rankings, and the Netherlands is an important centre for European research & technology as well as business. I was impressed by the Dutch approach that dares to create innovative programs that look towards the future while maintaining a high quality of traditional education resulting in an excellent value proposition, such as the Master’s program at JADS. Moreover, I had already visited the Netherlands a few times at this point, and I found the country and the lifestyle quite appealing. It’s difficult to fully describe it, but while quite different from the Mediterranean lifestyle of my own country, the calmness and ease of everyday life and openness of Dutch society, where you can just take your bike everywhere was something that appealed to me.”

Why study at Jads
“I found the master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship to be exactly what I was looking for. On top of that the campus was stunning and offered a sense of community with the academic and business parts being entwined. I still remember the first time I visited before joining.”

What is your best memory of JADS?

“I have quite a few fond memories of my time at JADS. I had the privilege of living on campus for some time and I remember the spring evenings when we used to gather in the garden with friends or after the “borrels”, the most important part was the sense of community we had, as we knew everyone from the JADS community. I also vividly remember the graduation ceremony where I had the honour to make the speech together with another co-student and of course I remember the carnival in Den Bosch. Most importantly and valuable for me are the strong friendships I made during my studies.”

What is the most important thing you learned at JADS?

“JADS played a key role in my personal and professional growth. I believe the most important lessons for me were adapting to a different work culture and learning to approach problems and life in general from different standpoints and perspectives. In engineering, we often ignore the different aspects and sides of problems but at JADS we learned to approach problems from the technical but also from the business, legal and ethical standpoint and understand the perspective of different stakeholders with varied backgrounds, which I have found to be a very valuable lesson.”

What are you doing now (at JADS and business wise)?

“After my graduation, I worked in various positions in startup companies and in the industry. The skills and knowledge I gained during my studies helped progress fast in my professional career. A few months ago, I started my own entrepreneurial journey and I currently have my own company offering Data Science and Digital Transformation services while also pursuing some other ventures that are not directly related to Data Science.

I’m also currently the Chairman of the AI Lumni which is the association for all JADS Alumni. This is something we started a few months ago with a group of JADS Alumni who wanted to contribute and maintain contact with JADS and the community and of course organise interesting events to promote our knowledge, our network and have the opportunity to see our old friends.”

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